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Haskap berry can be found locally fresh during the season in almost every corner of every province and territory across Canada.  We suggest to visit provincial website to find local grower to fulfill your desires.  Our growers are dedicated to providing you with quality products across the country.  Anyone of them will be glad and happy to received your visit at their orchard, so, relax and enjoy the trip!

Each region within each province or territory have different harvest season.


Distinguish yourself from the competitor or add value to your products by using or adding haskap in your recipe.  Check with your local distributor for haskap or use below approved list of major source of haskap in Canada.

Haskap berries, a delicious and local superfruit rich in antioxidants (Haskap one pager)


Product form

Contact name

Bloom – Nordic Berries
304-2406 Chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois, Québec, QC, G1V1 W5

Frozen Grade A and Juice Grade: 10 kg

Gabrielle Godin
+1 (418) 802-7169

Haskap Producers
765 rue des oeillets, St-Bruno, Québec, Canada, G0W 2L0

Frozen: 10 kg and other format on request
Juice (NFC) : 20 liter

Samuel Cote
+1 (418) 487-6687

HazzBerry Farms
81 Spiddle Hill Rd., RR #5, Tatamagouche, NS, B0K 1V0

Frozen haskap, juice and other finish haskap products

Joe Piotti
+1 (902) 657- 2308

Kirkaberry Farms
905 Murray Street, Midway, BC, Canada, V0H 1M0

Frozen: up to 30 Lbs. Boxes
Freeze Dried:
– Berries up to 1 Kg. Pkg. Size
– Powder up to 6.5 Kg. Pkg. Size
– Dairy (Ice Cream, Yogurt, Cheesecake)

Susan Kirkpatrick

Phoenix Haskaps ltd
Box 596, Nobleford, Ab, Canada, T0L 1S0

Frozen 10 kg cases & Bulk.
Puree 18 kg cases

Joel Mans
+1 (403) 308-3502

Prairie Hill Farms Ltd
Box 923, Picture Butte, AB, Canada, T0K 1V0

Frozen 10 kg cases & Bulk.
Puree 18 kg cases

Gary Vander Waal
+1 (403) 308-2647

Please note that Haskap Canada does not  endorse anything from those company.