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Haskap nutrition
The old analogy of,” If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger!” Does not apply to Haskap. Why should the food that is good for you taste bad. That is not the case with Haskap. Haskap has a sweet tangy zing flavour that most people say is a cross between blueberry, raspberry and black currant.
Haskap has long been known by the ancient Japanese as, “The fruit of Life longevity and Fruit of vision”.

As you can see from the attached Nutritional Guarantee on your right, the fruit is high in Vitamin C and A along with high fibre and potassium.

The berries also have an extremely high ORAC value and have high levels of Anthocyanins, Poly Phenols and Bioflavanoids.

ORAC  –  13400mmolesTE/100gms
Total Phenolics  –  1014mg/100gms
Total Anthocyanins  –  949mg/100gms
Total Bioflavonoids  –  887mg/100gms

The following chart shows a comparison of various berries and their anti-oxidant levels.

Haskap Berry
So what are Phenols, Anthocyanins and Bioflavonoids?
They are all different type of compounds known as anti-oxidants. Each one has different types of health properties. Most people tend to use the overall ORAC value in determining the oxidative capacity of the food. Here at Haskap Canada, we believe that variety is the spice of life, and any time you can consume a variety of foods with different chemical compositions, your health is better for it.