What is Haskap?

Most people mistaken the fruit as part of the vaccinium family (Blueberries and cranberries), when in fact the fruit is just as closely related to tomatoes.
It comes from the Dipsacales order and is related to the Snowberry and Elderberry.

The following varieties of Lonicera caerulea are classified Haskap by Haskap Canada. No other edible blue honeysuckle variety is classified Haskap at this time.

What is HaskapTundra

  • Mature about 4-5 feet tall
  • Firmer skin than other varieties
  • Bleeds less from the scar
  • Average weight of 1.5gms


  • Mature at about 4 feet tall
  • Sweeter and larger berry
  • Softer skin and bleeds slightly


  • Haskap variety released to propagators in 2012.
  • Selected to be a companion variety for ‘Borealis’
  • Will also pollinize ‘Tundra’, and ‘Indigo’ series


  • Selected to be a pollinator for ‘Borealis’, ‘Tundra’ and the ‘Indigo’ series.
  • Very fast growing, productive and starts fruiting at an early age.



    The Indigo series varieties were initially released for testing alongside ‘Borealis’ and ‘Tundra’ with the numeric labels shown.

Indigo Gem (9-15)

Indigo Treat (9-91)

Indigo Yum  (9-92)

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