The Haskap Canada Association

Haskap BerryHASKAP is the Japanese name for Lonicera caerulea. It has also been known as ‘Blue Honeysuckle’, ‘Honeyberry’, ‘Edible Honeysuckle’ and ‘Sweet berry honeysuckles’. When translated into English, it is sometimes spelled as Hascap, Haskaap, and Hasukappu.

Haskap Canada Association is a not for profit national organization that was developed out of the necessity to have one common entity that producers, plant breeders and consumers could contact for information and assistance.

Our primary directives include:

  • To promote the production and marketing of Haskap in Canada and abroad.
  • To assist our members in finding processing and marketing opportunities for Canadian grown haskap.
  • To acquire funding for haskap research and development.
  • To facilitate information and technology transfer from research programs to industry.

Haskap Canada Logo

So if you are a backyard gardener or producer looking for further information or perhaps just interested in purchasing some haskap fruit or plants, you’ve come to the right website.

Where to find plants

Please visit the link below for a complete overview of companies that sell plants.


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